Be My Paper Doll Valentine    
Americard Cut-Out Doll Books

This series of Valentine Cut-Out Books were published by A-Meri-Card during the late 1940's and early 1950's. They contain no copyright date, so most of the dates are estimated. (For two of them, the ones labeled here as books 1 and 2, I have dates obtained from copies signed and dated by the sender, but not for the others.)

The cards are printed on a single 11 by 14 inch sheet, which is quarter-folded to form a 5.5 by 7 inch booklet, so that it could be either given whole, or cut into quarters and distributed to four recipients. (Often the individual quarters are sold as if they are an entire card, perhaps by sellers who are unaware of the original format.) Since few people have access to printers that can print pages that large, I have provided the printable images in two sizes: double-page spreads of the outside and inside pages at 2200 x 1400 pixels (200 dpi when printed landscape at 11 by 7 inches), and with each paper doll on a separate page at 1650 by 2100 pixels (200 dpi when printed portrait at 8.25 by 10.5 inches.) The latter are full-resolution quarters of the 4-page spread, so if you do have access to a large-format printer, you can duplicate the original size and format at 300 dpi by pasting them together in a photo editing program of your choice, in the layout shown at left.

Click on the active images at the top of the page to view the printable pages for each cut-out doll book. Each click on the larger image at left will cause it to cycle between the five cards, showing either the uncleaned natural scans, or the cleaned-up version. (My printable images are online only in the cleaned up versions, since printing the beige background uses a lot of ink.) Contact me at if you want full-size images of the raw scans. Also please contact me if you know of any other cards in this series besides the five shown.

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